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Create QR Code online free, create QR Code to give code on a business card or access Wifi , send Email , access Website , save Location, send SMS , Call... Available Vector formats: .svg, .eps, .png

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What is QR-Code?

QR Code, code stands for quick response (roughly translated "quick response code") is a two-dimensional bar code format, a format used to encode certain information. A QR code can contain a web address, the duration of an event, contact info, email addresses, SMS, content text characters or even the positioning information

How to read QR-Code?

  1. Install the app scan QR-code on your phone: Get app for Android, Get app for IOS, Read Qrcode on the web                 
  2. Run the application and set the camera at the QR code image                 
  3. See the information returns!                 

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